Google Chrome can’t render correctly “Google”?

chromebug2 Today i tried to open Google with Google Chrome( today. What a surprise when i saw that the radio buttons are not visible. Check this preview.

Sometimes the button appears sometimes not. I set up a test page and the button wasn’t working there too. A zoom in and zoom out can trigger the bug as well as solve it 🙂

Anyhow, reported the bug to the Google guys, i’m sure they will fix it soon 💡

PNG transparency plus opacity – Internet Explorer 8 bug

This bug seems to be bugging us from IE7 and i still can’t believe that after 8 years of work, Microsoft can’t make the alpha transparency work.

Just installed the new Internet Explorer 8 as an update. The first thing i tried to do was, of course, to check how my portfolio is looking. Immediately noticed that something is not right and as i researched i found that: if you use PNG transparent image, in combination with opacity filter in IE8 the png image looses its transparency.

Checkout the demo page.

It’s even more interesting that even opacity 100(which is no opacity at all) triggers the bug.

This is very uncomfortable for JavaScript programming, where you want to use opacity for appearing/disappearing objects.

There is one workaround which is not very comfortable but works! To use the png image   as a background with the AlphaImageLoader filter. Here is the workarownd.

PNG transparency plus opacity – Google Chrome bug

I was working on my portfolio when i found this bug in Chrome version When applying opacity to an element with PNG transparency, the browsers looses the transparency of the PNG image.

Here is an example

Note: This bug has been fixed in version: