Microsoft did it again

I just received notification from my Windows for a new update (Internet Explorer 8). How happy i was that microsoft released IE8 as an update. We can finally say “Bye, bye !” to the weird semi-standard compliant IE 7 and say “Welcome” to the new modern IE8. Horraaay! 🙂

I rushed to restart my PC and open the new shiny browser. The first page to check was  of course my portfolio, to check if it’s properly rendered and “BANG&#@&#&#@” I’ve got this baloon asking me something :

Compatibility View

It suggest me to click it,… and so i did… and it turned out to be IE7.

At the end i had to go and add the famous meta:

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=8″ />

The question i have is: What if we have to add meta for every browser on Internet?

Hello world!

Hello and Welcome to my humble Blog! My name is Yordan Stoev. I don’t know much about myself, but what i know for sure is that I love the design. I hope that we will be able to discover new territories of the design together.

Kind Regards
Yordan Stoev